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DOG training & WALKING

Love Your Paws group training classes are a fun, friendly and informal way to learn how to train your dog.


These are not traditional 'obedience' classes (in fact I really don't like the word 'obedience' when it comes to our dogs...), these are fun classes to teach your dog the skills that they need to live in our crazy human world and to build a strong bond between you and your dog.  If you want your dog to walk nicely on a lead, come back to you when you call them, greet you at the door without jumping up, listen to you when you ask them to do something (Yes, really! If you teach them what it means...), settle at your feet when you're out enjoying a coffee and enjoy their life with you then these are the classes for you!

I believe that every dog should be given the opportunity to lead a happy & enriched life with their owners.  We expect a lot from our dogs.  Fitting into our crazy human way of life is confusing enough for them, and then we expect them to understand all of the 'rules' too!  But our dog's are clever, and with a little help and guidance they can learn all of our weird rules and be the companion that we always wanted.

My one to one training sessions are tailored to each dog and their (or your!) particular requirements and I use only positive, ethical methods based on scientific research that are simple and effective.

For those times that you can't be there yourself...

Private & group dog walks to make sure that your dog gets the exercise and fun that he / she needs on those days where life & work just get in the way!  I keep my group walks small, usually 4 dogs (and never more than 5) so that I can give each dog in my care the attention they deserve.  I aim to make each walk as fun and stimulating for your dog as possible so that they come home happy, relaxed & ready for a snooze!  Private walks are ideal for elderly dogs, puppies or those who don't enjoy the company of other dogs.  I am experienced in working with nervous and reactive dogs and am more than happy to discuss any particular needs that your dog may have.