Scent Work

Why Scent Work?

Scent Work harnesses your dog's innate ability to detect odours.  Working detection dogs are used, highly sucessfully, to search for items such as drugs, cash, firearms, bombs and missing people. Their sense of smell is so incredible that they can work as medical alert dogs, letting their handler know that their blood sugar levels are low, or are about to experience a fit and can even detect cancer cells and covid.

Using the same techniques as working detection dogs, our classes and workshops teach our dogs how to search for a specific odour and to indicate when they have found it. Once your dog knows their target odours and you get into the habit of practising regularly, you’ll be amazed at their skill in locating the hides. 

Scentwork requires you and your dog to work as a team, you need to trust each other, be able to communicate with each other  and work effectively together.  In doing so, you will strentghen your bond, deepen your relationship and have lots of fun in the process.  Add in how mentally enriching scent work is and how you'll have a sleepy, fufilled and happy dog after a session and you'll love it as much as your dog does!