Foundation Scent Work

Love Your Sniffer!! Discover the power of your dog's nose in these fun scent work classes.   Why Scentwork? There are so many benefits of scentwork for our dogs.  It provides mental... [ Read more ]

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Love Your Sniffer!!

Discover the power of your dog's nose in these fun scent work classes.  

Why Scentwork?

There are so many benefits of scentwork for our dogs.  It provides mental stimulation, a physical workout, can reduce stress and anxiety and leaves your dog feeling happy and contented.

Who is it for?

Everyone!  All breeds can enjoy scentwork.  In our classes we always work at your dog's pace. We set them up to succeed, build confindence and work in partnership with you.

The Course:

 A foundation course that will introduce you to the world of scent work using fun and easy to follow techniques, providing a great source of mental exercise for your dog. 

This course is suitable for dogs new to scent work or those that have some experience of scent work but are new to the target scent of Kong.

Exercises in the courses include building freeze indication on target scent (KONG), completing searches on pots, pipes, and boxes, chairs, bags, vehicles and novel search environments such as exterior walls, fences and random new areas.


 Our training field near Carleen - full directions can be found here


I managed to do this course with my little poodle last year and we both really enjoyed it!
I have mobility issues so don't get out for the long lovely walks I used to enjoy with my dogs.Jemmy is my constant companion, my "Velcro dog"! I wanted something I could do with her that she would enjoy and that I could manage considering my limitations, scent work fits the bill perfectly!
Jemmy , as small as she is, took to the task immediately and the 6 week course helped her so much with her reactivity towards unknown dogs. All the dogs in the class were focused on the scentwork too so gradually we were able to get closer and closer to them without causing her anxiety .
Since we finished the course we've been able to continue to play scent work games at home from time to time to give her some mental stimulation without exacerbating my health problems. Vicki was a great trainer, so patient and understanding of our limitations so we still managed to progress
Mary and Jemmy
Bramble and I have been doing scent work for quite a while having started on the beginners class and now go to the skills and scent club sessions. We have progressed from finding pieces of Kong hidden in a pipe to searching a 2 acre field for 6 catnip hides. It is without doubt Bramble's favourite pastime and as a working cocker it harnesses her natural instincts, but any dog can do scent work and you will be amazed at the results. Give it a go, you and your dog will not be disappointed and Vicki is an amazing trainer.
Bramble and Judith
Misha had so much fun, I was amazed how much he picked up after a couple of weeks.
He gets very excited when we arrive at the training field so I did wonder how he would manage as he is very much a teenager !
He just loves scent work, and I love the fact that itโ€™s something we both enjoy practicing wherever we are. Great for the warm weather when long walks are too much for him.
Thank-you again Vicki
Linda & Misha
What can I say other than give it a go you really won't regret training with Vicki. Quite simply the best ๐Ÿ‘Œ The Dog always comes first their welfare is Vicki's top priority. Training is serious but with Vicki never boring you will learn so much about your firball that will set you up for your life together. Highly recommended.
Toby and Roger
What an excellent class, I thoroughly recommend it.
Vicki is a knowledgeable and informative trainer and led the class well. I did not know a great deal about scent work and she gave a good balance of practical trials with theory and knowledge. This is a great course for beginners.
My dog, Kobe, loved it, I was astonished at the size of the Kong he detected and loved seeing his perseverance and concentration. It was a great way for us to strengthen our bond together.
Joanne and Kobe
Love this scent training class and so does our puppy Bella. Fascinating to learn and watch how the dogs use their noses to see their world. Highly recommend love your paws. Very friendly very informative and very caring.
Anita & Bella
This fun beginners scent course is highly recommended for all breeds! Me and Betsy (a beagle ) really enjoyed it and i was constantly amazed at " the power of the dog's nose" in learning the techniques
Vicky was a knowledgable,kind and considerate trainer to both owners and dogs taking part
Stephen Nicholson
These classes are great. Eadie is 8 months and we have a brilliant time together. Honestly, I think I have learned more than she has and she astounds me every week! After just 3 sessions, we are now at the point where I'm hiding her Kong on walks and asking her to find it. She never fails!

I was worried that being young and easily distracted, Eadie wouldn't have the attention span but before the course even started Vicki was providing me feedback and support. And she seems to adapt each exercise for each individual dog's needs.

I would 100% recommend this course for people wanting a fun activity for their dogs.
Sarah and Eadie

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