Ever since Sam was taught a really simple "Find It" game in our dog training class he has loved it.  Looking for things is always his 'go to' game.  A couple of years ago Sam & I attended a 6 day Advanced Training and Behaviour course with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers where we had the opportunity to try a number of different scent work disciplines, including truffle hunting!

Needless to say, as a beginner, Sam excelled in all of the different workshops we did.  I was so proud of him, but also came to understand that his skill levels far exceeded my own.  

Here's the thing... our dog's already know how to sniff, how to search, how to look for things.  They do it ALL THE TIME!  Using their nose is their primary sense; just as we make sense of the world and the environment that we are in by using our vision, our dog's use their noses.  And they are incredible at it! 

So, I made it my mission to try and learn some more, so that I could use the power of Sam's nose for us to have some fun together.  We have completed an in depth 6 month scent work course 'Scent 4 Six' with the School of Canine Science 
Wanting to learn even more I am also currently studying for an accredited scent work certificate through Canine Principles and I am an accredited UK Sniffer Dogs Bronze Instructor  with UK Sniffer Dogs.  

Have a look HERE to see our current scent work classes and workshops.