Progression Paws

Progression Paws (was TEEN Paws) For dogs aged 5 months or older who have completed Puppy Paws or Foundation Paws and want to continue their training.  (if you attended puppy classes with... [ Read more ]


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Progression Paws (was TEEN Paws)

For dogs aged 5 months or older who have completed Puppy Paws or Foundation Paws and want to continue their training.
 (if you attended puppy classes with another trainer please get in touch to find out if these classes would be right for you BEFORE booking)
Ongoing rolling classes to build on the foundation skills you and your dog have already learnt, covering the key life skills that our dogs need. We will look at different methods to achieve your goals, discuss the pros and cons, and find the techniques that suit you best whilst continuing to build and strengthen your relationship and your understanding of your dog.

We work on the skills that they need to allow them to fully enjoy their lives with you such as

- lead walking
- manners
- recall
- settle
- confidence being handled
- focus on you

You will also have the chance to try some fun activities such as scent work, hoopers, confidence courses and having fun with agility equipment all of which help to build confidence and increase the bond between you.
Our classes are 45 - 60 mins and always have time built in for questions to get advice on any training challenges you may be facing.
If your dog struggles to concentrate around other dogs, pulls you to every dog you see, jumps all over every person you meet and just can’t listen due to being super excited, then Social Paws may be a better class for you at the moment.  You can find full details here: 

What do you need to bring?

  •  Your dog! Wearing a flat collar, and harness if you use one.

  • A training lead – no retractable or slip leads please.

  • Treats!  As we use reward based training we ‘pay’ our dogs for working for us.  Please bring really tasty treats – chicken, cheese, ham… they only need to be really small – think pea sized! 

  • A mat or blanket for your dog to settle on when not working


Our training field near Carleen and Barripper
Full Directions can be found here

Please note:

-  Progression Paws are rolling classes so that you can book the weeks that work for you and keep coming for as long as you and your dog are learning and enjoying the classes. All dogs will have attended Puppy or Foundation Paws (or similar) so will all be starting class at a similar level of training. However, training is always tailored to the individual so your training will always be moving forward and progressing.
- We train regardless of the weather unless it is unsafe to do - please come dressed appropriately.
- For this class your dog should be comfortable around other dogs and people.  If they aren't please get in touch so that we can find the right training solution for them (please note: I don’t offer 121 training but can refer you on to some great local trainers who do).



After 3 training sessions with little Lottie I can definitely recommend Vicki at Love Your Paws, not the usual sit, stay and heel (Barbara Woodhouse comes to mind for those of you old enough to remember lol) but training engagement with your dog and learning in a fun way what makes your dog tick and how to get the best out of them.

Vicki’s classes are fun and engaging, both for the dogs and the humans.
Vicki teaches in a way that questions what we do with our dogs and why, and makes us really think about what we do as owners and how best to effectively communicate with our dogs as individuals, as they are all different breeds & temperaments etc - she also breaks training exercises right down into small, manageable stages, which is a very effective way of teaching, and rewarding for all.
The results speak for themselves, very happy dogs and owners! 😊

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