Puppy Paws Carbis Bay

  For fully vaccinated Puppies up to 5 months old (at start of course) Puppy training designed to give you and your puppy the very best start.  These are not your typical 6 week puppy... [ Read more ]

£112.00 per dog

Sorry, no classes are currently available.

Please contact us if you would like to be notified about forthcoming classes.


For fully vaccinated Puppies up to 5 months old (at start of course)

Puppy training designed to give you and your puppy the very best start.  These are not your typical 6 week puppy classes… we want you to truly understand your dog and their needs so that you can enjoy every aspect of your lives together.

Our fun, yet thoughtful, puppy classes use reward based methods to teach your puppy the foundations that they'll need to enjoy life with you to the full.  We will look at different methods to achieve your goals, discuss the pros and cons, and find the techniques that suit you and your puppy.  

Your first class is available to you online as soon as you sign up so there’s no need to wait around, you can start your training straight away.  The core skills that will help your puppy be successful in their training journey are covered, as well as information that will support you to be the best puppy parent that you can be.

In your 6 weekly classes we will practice the skills that you and your puppy have learnt in the safety and comfort of your home around other puppies and people.  Building solid foundations is the key to ALL of your training.

We'll work on the core skills of lead walking, recall, sit and settle but more importantly we'll cover:

- confidence building
- building a strong bond with you
- understanding body language
- handling skills
- socialisation (and what is really is!)

Our classes are 45 - 60 mins and always have time built in for questions to get advice on any challenges you may be facing as your puppy grows and develops; toilet training, mental enrichment, exercise, sleeping, biting chewing.... Raising a puppy can be hard, really hard, so this is a chance to ask questions and share experiences and tips with your fellow puppy 'parents'.
If you want to take your puppy training beyond the basics then these are the classes for you! 
Not sure… then please get in touch to ask any questions you make have.  

What do you need to bring?

  •  Your puppy! Wearing a flat collar, and harness if you use one.

  • A training lead – no retractable or slip leads please.

  • Treats!  As we use reward based training we ‘pay’ our dogs for working for us.  Please bring really tasty treats – chicken, cheese, ham… they only need to be really small – think pea sized! 

  • A mat or blanket for your dog to settle on when not working


Carbis Bay Scout Hut
Full Directions can be found here https://www.loveyourpaws.org.uk/locations-directions

Please note:

- For fully vaccinated puppies up to 5 months old.
- All classes are subject to Covid regulations in place at the time of the class; if we enter a lockdown all classes will continue online.



I recently attended a Puppy Paws course with my Border Collie puppy, Inca, we not only loved it, but enjoyed the training and also learnt a great deal about each other. I would highly recommend a Puppy Paws course for anyone with a new puppy, whether you are a first time dog owner or a seasoned dog owner. Vicki's approach to training our puppies is highly refreshing, rewarding, effective and fun; everything is puppy centred and she focuses on you and your puppy in a way that keeps it appropriate to your lifestyle and the breed of your puppy. Vicki helps owners to view things through their puppy's eyes which helps us to understand what our puppies are telling us through their behaviour and reactions, once you understand more about your puppy it opens up a whole new way of working with them successfully. I have been a dog owner all my life and most of my dogs have become well trained through reward base training, however, Vicki not only encourages reward based training but develops your relationship with your puppy and effective training in a relaxed and innovative way. Inca and I are already signed up for a Teen Paws course and are looking forward to enjoying some more of Vicki's classes too. Thank you, Vicki!
Linda Lydeard