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We may find ourselves in lockdown again, but that doesn't mean that puppy training has to stop!

In person, group puppy classes are not allowed under current lockdown restrictions, but there is an alternative... and it's proven to be really successful!  Zoom puppy classes are fun, interactive and mean that you can get your puppies training off to a really great start.  Don't worry if you haven't used Zoom before, all you need is a device (laptop, phone, tablet etc.) with internet access and you will receive full instructions 

We have 3 sessions on offer that work brilliantly as either stand alone sessions, or as a mini course, depending on what you need.

Lockdown Puppy 1 - Foundation Skills 

In this session we will make a start on the  foundation skills of puppy training. Building

a trusting relationship is key so we will also look at how our puppies communicate with us,

their body language and what it means and how we can use this to support our puppies as

they grow.

Lockdown Puppy 2 - Lead Walking

In this session we will make a start on the  foundation skills of loose lead walking. Walking

nicely on lead is a skill that puppies can start to learn straight away.  This session will

teach you some techniques and games to get your lead walking off to a flying start.

Lockdown Puppy 3 - Foundation Recall

In this session we will make a start on the  foundation skills of recall. Recall is probably

the single most important skill we teach to our dogs.  Teaching our puppies the building

blocks to a really solid recall using fun games when they are young will help set them up

to be rocket recallers!

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