paws for life  Life Skills training for adult dogs (6 months plus)

Do you have a dog that pulls? Would you love it, if your dog came running happily back to you whenever you call him?  Does your dog bark and lunge at other dogs? Does your dog chew... everything in sight?  Or have you re-homed an adult dog who has had little training? 

Whatever your particular situation 1-2-1 life skills training is tailored to you and your dog to work on your specific goals.  We can cover lead work, recall, being calm when friends visit, polite greetings of dog's and people, fun games for enrichment and confidence building. All training is tailored to you and your dog, reward based and fun!

Recall Package: 3 x 1 hour session working specifically on recall £95 (to book please us the contact form)

Recall Workshop: 2 x 1 hour group classes (max 4 dogs) and a 1 hour 1 to 1 working specifically

on recall £60

Lead Walking Package: 3 x 1 hour sessions working specifically on lead walking £95 (to book please use the contact form)

Lead Walking Workshop: 2 x 50 min group classes (max 4 dogs) and a 1 hour 1 to 1 working

specifically on lead walking £60


Adult Life Skills Classes: 6 x 1 hour group classes (max 4 dogs) covering lead walking, recall,

polite greetings, sit, settle and more! £90

Initial Consultation (up to) 2 hours & training plan: £75. Ideal if you have a few training needs to address.

Follow on training (after initial consultation)

3 hours - £95

Life Skills Premium Package:  2 hour consultation, training plan and 5 hours follow on training £205

All training can take place either on line (FaceTime or What'sApp) or in person.

Please note: these training sessions are not designed for dogs who have major behavioural issues.  If following our initial consultation I feel that you & your dog require more specific behavioural support I will refer you to behavioural trainers who will be able to advise & support you further.

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