Training Walks

Training Walks! Training Walks are social training walks for dogs who have attended Love Your Paws training classes. With dog training we often find that it can be difficult to transfer the skills... [ Read more ]


Training Walks!

Training Walks are social training walks for dogs who have attended Love Your Paws training classes.

With dog training we often find that it can be difficult to transfer the skills learnt in training classes to real life situations.  

Why does this happen?  Because in training classes, we set our dogs up to succeed.  We create a calm learning environment to help our dog's listen, learn and process all of the skills we are teaching them.  When we're out in the 'real world' we can't always control what happens - off lead dogs, birds, rabbit trails, livestock, people who want to say 'hi' - the list goes on!  Understandably, our dog's may find it more difficult to listen and it sometimes feels like all of their learning has gone out of the window.  Training walks bridge that gap.  
Training Walks take place in different locations so our dogs can get used to a range of environments, sights and smells.  On every walk we practice the core skills of lead walking and focus but as the walks are real life training in real life settings we also use the events that naturally occur as training opportunities; for example meeting other dogs, crossing roads, seeing wild life and livestock, practicing sit / place in new surroundings.  On some walks there may be the opportunity for some off lead time to practice recall and social skills if safe and appropriate for the group on the day.

Who are training walks for?

Dogs who are 7 months plus, are friendly around dogs and people and who have attended training classes with Love Your Paws (or with another rewards based trainer) and who want to continue their training out and about. 

How long are the training walks?

 The session is usually between 60 and 90 minutes depending on the day.

Where are the training walks?

We choose a variety of different locations around south west Cornwall making the most of the woodland, beach, moorland, coastal path and countryside walks available to us.  Some walks are longer then others, some have uneven / steep terrain and may include stiles; please double check before booking that the walk is suitable for you / your dog.

December Walks

Thurs 7th Dec - Penrose - 9.30am
Wed 20th Dec - Godolphin Fields - 2pm (meet at Great Works Mine car park)

January Walks

Wed 3rd 12pm - Godolphin Fields (meet at Great Works Mine car park)
Wed 10th 12pm - Rinsey Head
Thurs 25th 12pm - Gwithian

February Walks

Friday 2nd 12pm - Degibna
Thurs 8th 12pm - Porthkidney
Thur 22nd 12pm - Tehidy

March Walks

Fri 1st 12pm - Godolphin Woods
Thurs 7th 12pm - Penrose
Wed 13th 12pm - Degibna

Meeting Places and Directions

Please use What 3 Words to find the exact location and directions to the meeting points for our training walks.  We will meet at my van (you can’t miss it – it has “Love Your Paws” sign written across it!) before getting your dogs out of the car.
Godolphin Woods / Fields Car Park (the car park is tucked away down the lane) - together.hubcaps.stiffly
Penrose Hillside Car Park -  otters.nest.bonfires
Helston Boating Pond (we’ll meet in the big free car park on the other side of the road)  -  following.sticks.noses
Tehidy Woods – North Cliffs Car Park -  redefined.mile.thinking
 Godolphin Hill – Great Works Mine car park - router.onlookers.shakes

Godolphin Fields - Great Works Mine car park - router.onlookers.shakes

Degibna - Degibna Car Park - dude.rats.irritated

Gwithian - the car park on the right at the top of the lane -  request.improvise.head

Rinsey Head - the car park is at the end of a long single track lane - subway.tint.itch

Porthkidney Beach - St Uny Church, Lelant - brand.ship.sneezing

 Important Info:

- Walks continue what ever the weather - please dress appropriately!
- WInter walks WILL BE muddy!  Wear wellies (other suitable footwear) and bring water and towels to clean your dog off.
- Summer walks can be hot - please bring water for your dog (and yourself!)
- Dogs must be confident around people and dogs.
- It is your responsibility to check that this is the right session for you and your dog prior to booking. Please email [email protected] or ring 07773399435 to check it you aren't sure. 



Me and ozzi went on our first training walk today. And I have to say I loved it and so did ozzi. Not only was ozzi learning but vicki got me learning too. I highly recommend. Good way to practice recall in a controlled way and vicki is on hand to help if needed
Thank you Vicky for a great training walk, it really made both Tilly & I think!!! Lovely company & gorgeous cocker spaniels made a great walk. A good mix of walking on the lead & off lead walking. Vicky is on hand to answer queries which is really useful.
This is learning ‘on the hoof ’and is an invaluable way to hone your dog’s social and interactive skills outside of a formal training environment. I have found these training walks to be incredibly helpful to my boisterous, often emotionally unsure youngster. She has benefited from walking and playing with other dogs of different size and sensibilities while encountering the outside world, all the while under the guidance and knowledgeable eye of Vicki.
With great empathy, Vicki helps you to ‘read’ your dog, to anticipate their behavior under different circumstances and helps you help your dog to better take things in their stride in the company of other dogs. All dogs are different and even experienced dog owners should find these training walks both beneficial and rewarding.

Bernadette Jackson