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Foundation Paws For dog aged 6 months plus who haven’t attended training classes This, fun, but in-depth and thought provoking training course is for all dogs aged 6 months plus, who... [ Read more ]

£112.00 per dog

Sorry, no classes are currently available.

Please contact us if you would like to be notified about forthcoming classes.

Foundation Paws

For dog aged 6 months plus who haven’t attended training classes

This, fun, but in-depth and thought provoking training course is for all dogs aged 6 months plus, who haven’t been to training classes yet.  We will look at different methods to achieve your goals, discuss the pros and cons, and find the techniques that suit you and your dog.  

Perfect for…
Adolescent dogs who missed out on puppy class
Re-homed dogs
Any other dogs who haven’t had any training and who want to have fun with their handler whilst learning lots of new life skills

Over this 6 week course, not only will your dog learn new skills, but so will you! You’ll learn how your dog learns, how to support them when they’re unsure, understand their body language better and build a strong relationship based on mutual trust and understanding.

Your first class is available to you online as soon as you sign up so there’s no need to wait around, you can start your training straight away.  The core skills that will help you and your dog be successful in your training journey are covered, as well as information that will support you to be the best trainer for your dog that you can be.

In your 6 weekly classes we will practice the skills that you and your dog learnt in the safety and comfort of your home around other dogs and people.  Building solid foundations is the key is ALL of your training.

Life Skills Covered

Lead Walking
Greeting People & Dogs Politely
Comfortable being handled
Understanding body language
Sit & Stay
And lots of fun confidence building exercises!
We believe in setting our dogs up to succeed and so we start with small steps and build on them at the pace that is right for you and your dog, in this way we avoid frustration and create a love of training.  No matter how quickly, or slowly, your dog picks up a new skill, we will ensure that you receive individual coaching so that you progress at the rate that is right for you. 

Our classes are 45 - 60 mins and always have time built in for questions to get advice on any challenges you may be facing as a dog owner – as rewarding as living with our dogs is, it’s not always easy!
If you want to lay some solid foundations to your training, whilst learning lots about your dog and having fun then these classes are for you!  
Not sure… then please get in touch to ask any questions you make have.  

What do you need to bring?

  •  Your dog! Wearing a flat collar, and harness if you use one.

  • A training lead – no retractable or slip leads please.

  • Treats!  As we use reward based training we ‘pay’ our dogs for working for us.  Please bring really tasty treats – chicken, cheese, ham… they only need to be really small – think pea sized! 

  • A mat or blanket for your dog to settle on when not working


Carbis Bay Scout Hut
Full Directions can be found here

What Next?

On completion of Foundation Paws dogs will be invited to join Teen Paws or Paws for Life depending on their age.

Please note:

- For dogs age 6 months plus
- For dogs who are comfortable in the presence of other dogs and people. If your dog isn’t happy around other dogs, then please get in touch to find out if this is the right class for you, or to help you to find the right class.
- All classes are subject to Covid regulations in place at the time of the class; if we enter a lockdown all classes will continue online.



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