1-2-1 Dog Training

Love Your Paws 1-2-1 Flexible Training Packages  Does your dog pull you down the street?  Do they run the opposite direction when you call them?  Do they pull towards other dogs... [ Read more ]

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Love Your Paws 1-2-1 Flexible Training Packages

 Does your dog pull you down the street?  Do they run the opposite direction when you call them?  Do they pull towards other dogs to say 'hello'?  Is your dog worried around other dogs or people? Do they jump up at you, your visitors… any person that they see in excitement?
Our flexible 1-2-1 training sessions are designed to help you work through any training challenges that you and your dog may be facing.  The wonderful thing about 1-2-1 training is that it is tailored specifically to you and your dog and how you want to live together.  We can cover training for things like…

  • Lead Walking

  • Recall

  • Manners around people

  • Manners around dogs

  • Confidence building

  • And more!


How our 1-2-1 Training Works:

Step 1.  FREE 15 minute phone call.
A chance to chat through your training needs and make sure I’m the right trainer for you.  During this time I will advise you on which training package I think will be right for you.
Step 2.  Initial Training Session.
Our initial session will be via video call (Zoom, WhatsApp or Facetime).
Why via video call?  Over this past year we have found that for many aspects of training it is the most effective way to start.  We can discuss your training  needs, your dog's history and your training goals from the comfort of home where you and your dog feel relaxed and without having to worry about what is going on around us.  We'll also use this time to devise your training plan and make a start on your practical training covering core exercises from which your ongoing training will be built.

Step 3.  Ongoing Training Sessions
Our ongoing training can take place via video call, at an agreed location or at our training field in Carleen (or a combination of the three) to suit your training requirements.


Our packages are designed to be as flexible as possible so that you can make the most of your training time.  

1 hour - £45
3 hours - £130
5 hours - £210

After your intial session your remaining time can be used in the way that works best for you, using the following time slots.
Video Call: 30 min / 45 min / 60 min
Training Field: 45 min / 60 min / 90 min
Other locations: 60 min / 90 min (travel time and fuel costs may be incurred – please ask for details)        


How to book:  

Please ring Vicki on 07773 399435 or email [email protected] to arrange your 15 minute phone call to discuss your training needs and identify the right training programme for you. 

Please note: if following our conversation I feel your dog needs more in-depth behavioural support than i am able to offer I can refer you on to a qualified, experienced behaviourist.


Betty and I have just had our last training session with Vicki. Well what a huge change it has made for us, betty has come on so far with her training and we couldn’t be more pleased, and in fact, it was me who needed training 😂. Betty and I have grown so much confidence with each other and it was exactly what we needed. Vicki is an excellent trainer and I can’t recommend her enough. Going into training I thought it would be a real mission, I thought it would be a huge task and a massive upheaval to our lives, but it hasn’t been at all, a few hints and tricks and boom, betty is a much happier and more social, confident dog, and I’m a much more confident parent. Absolutely worth it.
Sally & Betty