Autumn adventures
training walks for you and your dog

Autumn Adventure Walks are fun and sociable training walks take that place at different locations each week.


Each walk will cover the core skills of:

     - focus

     - lead walking

     - recall

     - walking etiquette

     - body language

     - how to be calm in different situations


But, as we're out and about, lots of spontaneous training opportunities will arise! For example:


     - making our sit / stays stronger

     - how to use a long line

     -lead handling skills

     - doggy parkour...


the list is endless!


If you want to continue your training, boost your training, refine your training... or just have some fun out and about with your dog with other like minded dog owners then our Autumn Adventure Walks is the training for you!


PUPPY AUTUMN ADVENTURE WALKS - for fully vaccinated puppies up to 6 months

ADULT AUTUMN ADVENTURE WALKS - for dogs aged 7 months plus

For the full list of dates and locations, or to book, please follow the link... 


Please note: -

* Training walks will go ahead whatever the weather (unless there is a weather warning in place) so please dress appropriately

* These are training walks and whilst they will be fun and sociable, dogs will be kept on lead at all times unless you're specifically instructed otherwise.

* Training walks are only suitable for dogs who are comfortable around other dogs and people


If you'd like further information prior to booking to ensure that this is the right training option for you then please contact Vicki on 07773399435

tel: 07773399435

add: 2 Stephensville, Polladras, TR13 9NT

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