Growing up with dogs I couldn't wait to get my own dog as an adult.  Ness came from a rescue centre when I was living in the USA, she was 8 months old (a Golden Retriever x Aussie Shepherd x lots of other things!); it was love at first sight.  I really felt the weight of responsibility though and was determined to 'get it right'.  I signed up straight away for dog training classes and loved learning how to train her and we spent many happy hours practising lead walking, recall, frisbee catching and having fun.  

Sam joined the family once we were back from the USA & settled in Cornwall.  An 8 month old border collie, who hadn't had the best start in life, Sam was really unsure of people & new situations; and still is.  He was completely different to Ness (or any other dog I'd met before), and opened my eyes to how difficult some dogs find living within our crazy human world.  His challenging behaviour and my lack of understanding and knowledge of how to help him ignited my desire to learn.  Once I understood that his behaviours came from a lack of confidence, anxiety and not knowing how to behave all I wanted to do was to learn more and understand more, so that I could help him.  

My journey had started...


I met some great dog trainers who helped me with Sam and who opened my eyes to positive ways of dog training that built confidence and trust and promoted a stronger relationship between dog and owner that I hadn't experienced before.  I was really fortunate to have the opportunity to work in a rescue centre where I learned so much from all the dogs and the incredible staff.  From there I took the leap and started Love Your Paws as a dog walking service specialising in one to one walks for dogs who struggle out out & about as well as offering group walks.  Since then I have qualified as a dog trainer through the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers and completed lots of training courses through the IMDT, the School of Canine Science, Centre of Excellence and Canine Principles and continue to study and learn so that I am able to offer the best service possible.

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